Our Process

Artisan Makers
We're passionate about crafting!  All our items are handmade to order and expertly hand-cut, with the ability to cut small lettering from 5 millimetres to large feature wall pieces covering a span of a couple of metres. Our art is 100% hand made artisan designed and cut. They are not digitally fabricated copies (i.e not cut with CNC or laser). 

Luxurious Quality Expertly Handcrafted & Finished 
From the moment we receive your order we begin the process of creating your digital artwork ensuring all personalised items have names that perfectly fit the space. We ensure that short names are widened appropriately so it is pleasing to the eye. We create designs in-house, as well as work with calligraphy designers, and artists across the world under licence agreement. All production is in-house in our workshop in the UK. Once designs are printed, we attach to the material we are working with and begin the cutting process. The materials used for most artwork is HDF, and premium grade MDF. HDF is High Density Fibreboard which is more dense and stronger the standard MDF. We also use Premium Grade MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). Both are solid versatile flawless composite material that has many applications.  

We also use premium grain solid wood, 'clear as glass' premium acrylic, acrylic mirror and other mediums. Once cut, the lettering is sanded for a perfect, flawless finish.  The next step is the colour application.  We use premium metallic and acrylic shades which provide a rich luxurious finish which emulate the look of metal.  We're proud and humbled at the support and prayers we have received through the years and feel truly blessed that our work has reached every corner of the globe - Alhamdulillah.  Our work is in the homes of thousands including royalty, politicians, sports personalities, respected Shaykhs and adorned in mosques, and thousands of clients around the world - All praise is due to Allah SWT.

We ship worldwide and take on custom commissions for bespoke calligraphy designs and artwork. We love to get know you when you contact us for bespoke commissions and are honoured when come back to purchase from us time and time again. 

For any queries please feel free to get in touch.