Allah is Beautiful and Loves Beauty

Hand cut and finished artwork in progress

Allah says in The Holy Qur’an, “He Who created all things in the best way and He began the creation of man from clay”. (Al- Qur’an 32:7) Everything that Allah created, from the blue skies and glistening stars, to the mighty oceans, lush, green gardens, and the creatures that walk the earth, were designed and perfected with His unparalleled magnificence and grandeur. And man was created as the most beautiful creature on earth, because Allah is beautiful and Loves beauty.

The virtuous Four Quls. Contemporary floating display

So, is it not the moral obligation of man to ensure that every facet of his life is made beautiful?

Therefore, man, as vicegerents of the Lord, Allah, should ensure that the divine message of Allah is passed on, even if it is just by a small act of devotion to Him.

Beauty is an imperative element of Islam. There is no Islam without beauty, and there is no beauty without Islam. Beauty in Islam does not connote the physical beauty of one’s own self only, but beauty in everything he does, says and the way he lives.

Beautifying one’s place of dwelling is vital to the remembrance of Allah. Just as the magnificent creations of Allah that surrounds us, attest to the supremacy of His being, our homes should be a constant reminder of the Lord of the heavens and the Earth—Allah. How amazing is it when our homes, that unite us with those whom we hold dear and provide us with the comfort and love we require, is also a source of constant reminder of our Lord, Allah?

Maintaining our households well portrays the beauty of Islam to all observers. It is a subtle way of portraying the true essence of the religion of Islam to Muslims as well as Non- Muslims. A beautiful home where Islam is frequently remembered is sure to bring forth a lot of happiness and content. An Islamic household is a household full of barakat (blessings).

Hand cut and finished art work in progress

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